EZVIZ Brand – It Is About Video And Smart Devices


EZVIZ is a sub brand of HIKVISION which is a leading manufacturer of commercial surveillance and security systems. EZVIZ has one mission in mind: to make Smart IoT (internet of things) Devices with great quality video that's easy for everyone.

The name consists of “easy” and “viz” which stands for “easy visual”. EZVIZ are all about video, specializing in manufacturing top quality Wi-Fi cloud cameras, DIY video surveillance kits and alarms and action cams. They design systems that are high-performing, affordable and easy to use so families can stay connected, businesses can become more communicative, friends can share special moments and distance is no longer a barrier to staying in touch! Their technology is richly multi-purposeful...

You can safeguard your household with remote viewing allowing you to be part of what's happening at home while you are away. This also means that you never have to miss another family moment! Keep a watchful eye on elderly family members, your nanny, children and pets anytime and from anywhere via your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. The intelligent systems that are equipped with motion detection and intrusion alarms, alerts are sent to your phone when something is wrong, and the cameras record everything.

With EZVIZ you can also secure your business - watch live video of your store for visual management with this reliable security service. No matter whether it's day or night, you can supervise your stores with your mobile phone to avoid loss and damage to your property.

Event-triggered messages and intrusion protection are also provided, increasing the security level of the whole system. Collect valuable evidence to avoid customer disputes and promote high-quality service within your workforce by recording and reviewing employee performance. EZVIZ even provide a Chain Operation Management system - different level accounts that allow for the running of multiple stores. To boot, this video application promotes the realization of visual marketing, which will help you to expand your business scale.

APP Your Life with EZVIZ

The EZVIZ app makes it easy to manage your camera remotely from across the globe. Get full access and remote control of all camera functions at your fingertips.

The app is designed to work with the EZVIZ series of security NVRs, DVRs and cloud cameras. It allows you to easily view and check in on your homes, pets, loved ones or businesses, any time, anywhere.


By Antonia Ilieva    2016-11-04 22:16:16