Retail Connection - E-commerce Platform - Sister of Nivo

Nivo was first born in July 2007. Nivo was pioneer in the online shopping industry at the time but now it looks old as it hadn't had an upgrade for a number of years. Nivo Shopping is custom designed and has not used known platforms such as Shopify, Open Cart, Magento. From Nivo the idea was born to design Retail Connection as the Master of the likes of Shopify, Open Cart, Magento, etc. and as such can be considered as an extension of Nivo. By the first half of 2019 we plan to rebrand Nivo by using the Retail Connection platform and opening it as Market Place where we will not only market our own products but allow others to market through us their products.

Even at present Nivo Shopping can be considered as that of a fully integrated platform with its reach functionality and ability to run the shop from A to Z without leaving the browser and using any 3rd party software.

Functional Features of Nivo:

  • CRM (Customer Relations Management), SRM (Supplier Relations Management), CMS (Content Management System)
  • Ability to track order history, warranties, customers log returns and they are tracked from the system
  • Loyalty Program
  • Marketing Newsletters sent straight from the system to the entire customer base for free
  • Courier Integration through API (ability to print waybills and shipment manifest straight from the site)
  • Payment Gateway integration through API (ability to settle payments starlight form the site)
  • Accounting integrated into the site

In 2012 Retail Connection SA was launched - one of the most comprehensive hosted shopping cart solutions available today, offering unparalleled support for online and offline sales, including CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Customer Relations Management), SRM (Supplier Relations Management) and everything else that you need to run and monitor your retail business from anywhere in the world, 24x7. The customers can choose ONLY the modules they need or can afford.  

Pre-pay your plan for 12 months, and in addition to getting 10% discount, get your website design for FREE*, meaning that you could start selling online from under R 4,000 all inclusive for the first year.  The Free designs are based on professionally designed templates, that are customized based on your specific needs, and exclude any art-work (logo, photos, etc). We have partnered with One Virtual Solution who can offer you services such as Digital Marketing, Google Adwords, Graphic Design, Copy Writing, SEO and Content Management.

Plans and Pricing:

What is included in the monthly price?

  • Hosting of your ecommerce web site in one of South Africa’s largest and most advanced data centres;
  • Hosting of your emails accounts;
  • Nightly backups of your website and emails;
  • Email, Instant Messaging and telephonic support, including 24x7 emergency support;
  • All upgrades and enhancements to RetailConnection SA are automatically available to you, subject to your plan features;

What is excluded from the monthly price?

  • Themes & templates customizations / design;
  • Content (products, collections etc.) management;
  • Any third party charges, such as SMS providers and payment gateways;



We are looking for web designers to resell our platform and who want to give their customers a complete solution. Should you be interested contact me on or whatsapp 083 390 8690 for more information.

By ANTONIA ILIEVA    2018-11-01 14:21:12