WISO - The Wolrd's First Smart Wistle

World’s first smart whistle!

Stay connected with your loved ones.

This year’s COMPUTEX 2016 “Rising Star Award” went to the WISO Safsmart Whistle, the world’s first smart whistle that connects to a smartphone to set off alarms to friends and family in emergencies.

WISO provides a sense of security

Notify a trusted family member or friend by phone call, text and email messages in the moment of need.  WISO emphasizes on providing a sense of security within the chaos that is around us.

WISO is a combination of the traditional whistle, Bluetooth technology and a mobile application. When activated, it not only emits a loud alarm to alert the nearby people but also issues emergency calls, sends SOS messages and emails loved ones about the wearer’s location. To put it in layman’s term, WISO acts as your personal safety guard that’s on duty 24/7.

With a weight of only 12 grams this simple, yet powerful, safety gadget gives you a sense of peace. WISO allows SOS messages to be sent at a blow of the whistle or a press of a button. Simple, discreet location info on a map will be included in the SMS and email, and location information will be updated approximately every 3 minutes.

Choose the colour you want

WISO was designed to be a personal gadget that allows users to hang it on a bag or on their key chain rather than being a wrist-band or jewellery. The stretchable rubber provides users with easy access to the device during an emergency.


By Antonia Ilieva    2016-10-27 18:57:20